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Top 10 health blogs to follow

Taking a poll to find what tops the self-care goals of people across the globe will predominantly fetch the answer – Healthy Me. When you sit down and introspect, you will find that all your efforts at work and home are directed towards achieving yours and your families’ overall well-being.

Without health, every lauded accomplishment you have gained will seem to be nothing but vanity. To cherish each materialistic achievement, you will first have work towards making yourself fit. To get you started on a lifestyle transformation that is steered by health goals, here are 10 blogs that will provide you with essential insights and information that when followed leads to enhanced well-being:

Image result for 1. Wholesome Mamma blog

1) Wholesome Mamma

This blog was started by Aloka Gambhir, a mother of two lovely boys, who deliberate on topics that are related to childcare and parenting. These topics generally gnaw on the sanity of new parents (especially mothers), and Aloka’s blog is seen to be tackling such topics one at a time. Some of the topics discussed in this blog are mom’s guilt, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, and potty training, among others.     

2) Mark’s Daily Apple

Image result for 2. Mark’s Daily Apple blog

This blog was started by Mark Sisson, who advocates the following of a primal blueprint that will automatically deliver results such as strength, happiness, and productiveness, in addition to gaining a lean and healthy body. These principles include the right activity, increased diet, rest, and relaxation.     

3) The FitNut Blog – Eat, Move and Think Your Way to a Balanced Life

Image result for 3. FitNut blog

FitNut was started by Sarah Al Nowais to share her experience and thereby gained knowledge about all things concerning health, fitness, and nutrition. The blog publishes posts on workout routines, nutrition, and healthy recipes that are found to be of value for everybody in one way or the other. Sarah has dedicated an entire blog page to highlight FitNut treats that are gluten-free and vegan.          

4) Put that cheeseburger down

Image result for Put that cheeseburger down blog

This blog was started by Neha Ghosh and focuses on topics related to fitness, health, and nourishing food. The posts on the blog are very informative and cover topics from mental health to menstrual cups. The blog does not shy away from discussing topics that are generally kept under wraps such as PMS, sexual enhancement aids, and disguised addictions. It also publishes recipes and products that promote healthy and eco-friendly living.     

5) Eating Bird Food

This blog was started by Brittany who is passionate about healthy food, fitness, and lifestyle. The blog also carries recipes that are gluten-free, vegan, low carb, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian. A lot of information concerning plant-based diet, meal prep, and associated recipes can be found here for individuals who are interested to turn vegan. 

6) Perfect skincare for you

Image result for 6. Perfect skincare for you blog

This blog was started by Swati Murti who discusses skin/hair care routines and products. The blogger catalogs her experience with hair and skin problems and uses this blog as a platform to help others facing similar issues. The blog also carries Swati’s hair/skin journals, DIY products, and lifestyle posts that can enhance skin and hair health. 

7) Daily Garnish

Daily Garnish is a blog that publishes posts of a vegetarian mom of two who writes on topics enveloping pregnancy, childcare, parenting, healthy recipes, and dog diaries. The blogger, Emily, is also a slow runner and a travel enthusiast; and this is detailed in a blog page dedicated to journal her family’s travel diaries. 

8) Picky eater

Picky eater was started by Anjali Shah who is a certified health coach. The blogger is passionate about healthy living by means of consuming healthy yet delicious food. Her blog is packed with scrumptious recipes that have resulted in getting the blog featured on numerous media platforms. Anjali also shares tips for healthy living and raising healthy kids.

9) Mind Body Green

Image result for 9. Mind Body Green blog

Mind Body Green is a blog that provides practical steps to help live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. The wide assortment of topics covered in this blog includes health, food, movement, beauty, lifestyle, parenting, and relationships, among others. The blog also invites readers to sign-up for classes and programs that will give them access to firsthand inputs that can be obtained directly from wellness experts.

10) Selfhacked

Image result for 10. Selfhacked blog

Selfhacked is a blog that carries posts that are a result of studies that are medically reviewed. The posts discuss topics that provide information concerning health issues such as IBS and Crohn’s disease, and associated treatment options. The blog also publishes posts that provide insights about current pressing problems such as Coronavirus. 

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